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Powersports / Motorcycle Electronic Microfiche

Electronic Microfiche, also known as Electronic Parts Catalogs (EPC), have been in use for the past ten years. They put parts images at your fingertips - right on your computer screen at the parts and service counters.  This EPC technology has taken the industry a long way since paper catalogs were used. Even the more recent film-type microfiche cards and viewers became obsolete when electronic parts catalogs came into wider use.   

We INTERFACE Our Software to
Online Powersports / Motorcycle Parts Microfiche

Commander Software interfaces to Electronic Microfiche and various suppliers' on-line ordering. That means you can tag part numbers in your OEM microfiche images and drop the part numbers down to your Parts invoice or Service RO in Commander.   

Here's how it works: suppose you have a customer at your parts counter.  Once you choose the parts you need on the microfiche images - one mouse click transfers all the parts to a Parts Invoice or Repair Order in the Commander System.  There's no re-typing of ANY part numbers whatsoever!  Click here to see a short video of how Commander Software works with Electronic Microfiche programs. 

This increases both efficiency and accuracy, because you can locate the part number on the electronic microfiche and then invoice the part without ever typing or writing down a part number. 

Commander NE interfaces to the following electronic microfiche software:

ARI PartSmart
HLSM Electronic Parts Finder
Mercury Marine Midas / MercNet
Kawasaki KIC
Honda iN
Arctic Cat Parts Pro

HLSM Parts Finder Electronic Microfiche Interface

HLSM's Parts Finder Electronic Microfiche software provides online powersports and motorcycle solutions to franchised and non-franchised dealers. HLSM's software supplies powersports / motorcycle dealers with parts information that, until now, has been very difficult to come by. This tool will help your dealership service customers at the same level as an OEM dealer. HLSM currently supports the following OEMs: Arctic Cat, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Sea Doo, Ski Doo, Suzuki and Yamaha. The Commander NE software is compatible with HLSM's electronic microfiche software and has been proven to increase efficiency for franchised and non-franchised dealers alike. To learn more about HLSM's electronic microfiche software visit the HLSM website

ARI PartSmart Electronic Microfiche Interface

ARI's PartSmart software provides electronic motorcycle microfiche and other services to franchised dealers and business in the Powersports, Motorcycle, Marine and Outdoor Power Equipment Industries. Commander NE works with PartSmart to provide seamless integration of parts lookup and industry specific inventory control and Point of Sale for parts and service departments.  If you are a franchised dealer interested in signing up with PartSmart visit the ARI PartSmart website. PartSmart has OEM microfiche for the following motorcycle / powersports OEMs: Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Polaris and Yamaha. 


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